Mortgage  Answers

Studies have shown that moving into a new home ranks up there with one of the most stressful life events we will encounter in our lifetimes! And with the changing rules and industry regulations, obtaining a mortgage today can be a vastly different experience than it was even a few years ago. Now more than ever, having a basic knowledge of the terms and processes to obtaining a mortgage can really pay off as you go through the process.

We've put together this website to help answer some of the common mortgage questions being asked today. We've also put them into categories, so if you are making a purchase or refinancing, you can quickly skip to those answers. While you’ll still want to seek the guidance of a mortgage professional, we hope that reading these answers will help bring some clarity to the process. And we wish you good luck in obtaining your mortgage goals.

Purchasing a New Home / Property

Purchasing a new property has its own set of challenges, especially if you are a first-time home buyer. However, the benefits to owning your own home can be numerous and there may even be special programs available to you if you qualify. To read our purchase questions and answers, click here.

Refinancing an Existing Property

Because of the changing economy and related changes to interest rates, you should always keep an eye on the mortgage rates and periodically check in with your mortgage professional to see if the time is right for refinancing. It’s not uncommon for people to knock off hundreds of dollars from their monthly mortgage bill! To read our refinance questions and answers, click here.